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200-399 SQ FT
These are our RV Park Models we currently have on display, built to the ANSI code, certified and titled as Recreational Vehicles through the department of Motor Vehicles. 
Trinca P-539SL
If you're looking for the wow factor this Platinum P-539 Trinca RV park model with a standard loft cannot be beat. We dressed it up by adding the hickory stained interior trim and‎ a gorgeous hickory stained SYP ceiling. When you sit in the loft and look out into the living area with the massive bay windows, you can't help but say "wow". It is an amazing and breathtaking view. Featuring upgraded appliances and the ductless a/c GREE system as well as washer/dryer connections, this park model is the perfect balance of necessity and elegance. Come experience this Trinca P-539SL model currently on display at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas or click here to take a virtual tour.

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Austin P-588
The ever popular Platinum Austin model P-588 is about to deliver, so come see it soon. It has a gorgeous tile shower and popular dark interior stain accents. The creative arrangement of windows throughout the house‎ gives the RV park model a contemporary, "austin" appeal. This is a RV park model cabin with front and back porch and gorgeous barn doors inside. This RV cabin also features a ductless a/c GREE system

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A-296 (Grandmothers Suite)
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P-528 Meadowview
The 528 FPSPSL model is an impressive park model cottage on display with a popular copper roof. It may be considered a tiny house, but with all the builtin amenities, it does not have a tiny feel. It boasts a front porch, a side porch and a single loft. The kitchen is complete with stainless steel appliances, a farm sink, and a moveable island. The living room has a builtin entertainment center and a comfortable sitting area. The loft stairs and beautiful railing overlook the living room and kitchen. In the bedroom you'll find gorgeous white barn doors over the closet and a front load washer and dryer. A pocket door gives you immediate access from the bedroom to the full size bathroom. You even get a full size storage pantry in the hallway. The Platinum 528 Meadowview model is currently on display with the ductless a/c system. This park home has absolutely everything you need for comfortable and convenient living.

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Sky Park Bunk House
Need a tiny house or tiny cabin with two bedrooms? Our all new SkyPark bunk room cabin‎ has just that. It can easily sleep 9 - all downstairs on one level. The bunk room has a full bed with a twin on top and a two-twin bunk next to that. It's all built-in and comes complete with the mattresses, a TV mount in the wall, a nightstand/gaming station. Two beautiful pine pocket doors open for a full view into the living room and kitchen or can close for privacy. The dining area is complete with a buffet bar and a wine cooler. Go down the hall and you'll find a full size bathroom and full size washer-dryer connections followed by a separate, private bedroom with builtin nightstands, overhead cabinets above the bed, and a gorgeous builtin closet and dresser with lots of drawers and storage space. The ductless a/c is also on display in the cabin along with a southern yellow pine ceiling and cabin accents.

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P-555SL The Lily
 The Lily is a Platinum 399 square foot RV park model‎ featuring a loft and front kitchen with a bay window in the dining area. Come see the Lily on display with a moveable island with barstool seating, white-washed pine accent walls, and stainless steel appliances. This park model tiny house is full of new and exciting options. We even have a dollhouse exterior with a shake accent on the front of this tiny house inside the box bay.

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Hill Country P-589FP
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Design Studio
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Stillwater P-571
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Shore Park 1969
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The Arizona
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This unique floorplan has a beautiful staircase and banister in the center of it’s design with a split loft. We’re excited about this new floorplan, because you get the convenience and efficiency of a park model with the sleeping space of a big house. You can sleep 10 people comfortably in this tiny house. The display model also features our all new corrugated metal accent on the kitchen/dining island and our new built-in closet design as well as the new interior rock fireplace option. You’ll love the new prismatic window option which is featured above the front door in this display model design. Come check out the new décor color choices including the new grey plank linoleum. This tiny house park model is perfect for a family and/or for long-term living. It has everything you need in 399 SF plus the split loft, and with the convenience features of a larger home.
“Wow!” is pretty much the first word out of everyone’s mouth when they see this new model. It is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. With ten foot sidewalls and a flat ceiling, it feels massive. We all walked in and said “no way is this 399 square feet”, and we actually put a tape measure to it. It’s just 399 square feet, but it feels so much bigger. The design is amazing. And wait until you see this bathroom. This is absolutely the largest bathroom you’ll find in a RV park model. It has a STANDARD large, walk-in tile shower with dual shower heads and dual sinks in the bathroom. And it comes STANDARD with these beautiful waterfall cathedral endwall windows in the living room. For the first time in our park models you can see beautiful trey ceilings in the living room and the bedroom. And we installed some gorgeous unique wood accents, both on the wall behind the standard hutch and inside the living room trey ceiling. We also added the optional LED electric fireplace in the entertainment center, and the house is loaded with LED lights which light up its beauty in every room. This is a tiny house you definitely won’t want to miss; it is unlike any tiny house you’ve ever seen before and definitely worth the drive to come see.
Oh, the Hill Country! This is our favorite "forever home" floorplan. Why? Because it is so versatile and easy to customize to fit your personal needs. Right now we have ot displayed as a cabin with hickory stained southern yellow pine accents on the interior, cedar accents on the exterior, and bunks built into the hallway. However, this floorplan has soooooo many possibilities. Where we have bunks, you can do whatever you need. Need a single bunk with storage or desk space underneath? Need a side by side washer-dryer area? What about a built in sewing table with surrounding storage cabinets and drawers? A large walk-in closet maybe? Or what about a built-in pantry, broom closet and additional cabinets? You get to choose what goes in that space. We can customize it to fit your individual needs. The current display model also features a screened front porch, but we can build this floorplan with an open porch or no porch at all. Think about how you would tweak this plan to build your perfect tiny home and let us know. Stop by 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas while it's still here to see.
We have kept this model in inventory and on display for so long because it's such a popular option for tiny living. Featured as a "grandmother suite" it has everything you need for independent living without the range that can often times be hazardous in that phase of life. It does have a full-size bathroom, walk-in closet and washer-dryer connections as well as a coffee bar and plenty of storage. Most people put in a day bed and recliner which fit well. This model also serves well as an office. And now it is time to sell the display model and replace it. Whomever purchases this display model is getting the deal of a lifetime. We've had it so long and sold so many off of it that we are able to sell it at cost. If you're in the market for an office or a Grandmother's suite, this is a great opportunity. Stop by and take a look at it at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas.
This floor plan is known as our Design Studio because we use it to display all of the decor options for you to choose from. Come sit with us inside this model and customize your new home. What's so cool about it is that it can be anything. You have a blank canvas with which to design your custom park model. We've built this for clients as everything from an office to a schoolroom to a pool house to hair salon to a studio style home. Add full size appliances and you have everything you need to live comfortably. It's no different than an efficiency apartment except that you own it, you can move it, and it's energy-efficeint and affordable. Visit us at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas and let us show you all the possibilities this Design Studio model has. 
Sky Park Double Loft 1956
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Winter Special 222
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You'll love the impressive stained pine in the Platinum 576SL Tumbleweed tiny cabin. With beautiful hickory cabinets and stained trim throughout, this cabin wows everyone who enters. The front porch of this cabin features a chinked log accent and a crows foot gable. ‎When inside you'll see a single loft, a moveable island, a full size bathroom, washer/dryer connections, a white farm sink, and lots of builtins. The bedroom is equipped with stained barn doors on the closet, a builtin dresser and impressive transom windows over the bed area. A ductless a/c system completes the package. This is one of our most popular floorplans; it's wider than most RV park model cabins. The Tumbleweed 576 single loft tiny cabin is currently on display at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas.
The Creekside Cottage Arizona is a cabinette featuring a queen size bed and a bunk bed with a kitchenette and custom tree trunk countertops. The tree trunk countertops make this cabinette an exclusive one-of-a-kind. No two are exactly alike. The display model also has custom interlocking distressed wood hardwood floors. It has a private bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink/vanity and a dressing area with closet. The exterior is complete with a metal roof and standard front porch. The interior on the display model is full pine, painted white, but you can choose from a variety of options. ‎ Not many people can look past the distressed wood floors and tree trunk countertop, though. They are definitely and eye stopper. Come see for yourself at 4384 E Interstate 30 in Rockwall, Texas.

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Skypark Double Loft 1956 - the Skypark DOUBLE LOFT model is a tiny home with mega space. It features a full size kitchen with a built in hutch, adding additional shelf and cabinet space and is equipped with dual outlets to handle multiple crockpots or other small appliances. Around the corner is a coffee bar for your convenience. ‎ The front loft overlooks the living room, and the back, separate loft is more secluded. The stairs split the dual lofts. Washer-Dryer connections are at the bottom of the loft stairs on the main floor. A separate master bedroom is in the back with beautiful built in storage for your convenience. And to top it all off, you even get a standard covered front porch. The double loft model has always been a favorite among families, and this new design with the front porch is sure to impress
Skypark Winter Special 222 - we love our Winter Specials - they are always a great deal. But we're especially excited about this tiny house special. This year's featured tiny house is a new design and is from the Skypark series. ‎ It has everything you need for comfortable living with no wasted space. The bar allows for comfortable dining, and we accented the kitchen with an accent paint color that really makes it stand out. You can't beat the price, especially with all the features included in the display model - washer/dryer connections, 15-lite front door, wall mounted TV Jacks and outlets, a covered front porch, and more
Meadowview P-528FPSP
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This beautifully hand crafted cabin is a one of a kind home! Rustic River is known for their wonderful craftsman ship and once you walk in you can't help but say "wow" and marvel as the tongue and groove southern yellow pine walls with the contrasting polished cedar ceiling. 
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